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Comprehensive Problem-Solving and Skill Development for Next Generation Leaders"
Ronald Styron, Jennifer Styron, Editors
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Chapter 11, by Russell Jay Hendel
Comprehensive Problem-Solving and Skill Development for Next Generation Leaders

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    Rashi -
    • is a Biblical Commentary, the 1st commentator to provide phrase by phrase comments
    • provides explanations of meaning, grammar, similar verses, and philosophy.

    This Rashi website provides a:
    • DAILY RASHI NEWSLETTER / CALENDAR - explaining one Rashi per day    SUBSCRIBE

    • WEEKLY RASHI NEWSLETTER -presenting illustration of the 10 major Rashi rules in the weekly Parshah, portion, read in the synagogue    SUBSCRIBE

    • THE 10 MAJOR RASHI RULES- numerous summaries of the 10 major Rashi rules and their 30 subrules RECENT SAMPLE

    • ARTICLES ON THE BIBLE / EXEGESIS -Many of these articles explain ways of interpreting the Bible, and have been published in refereed journals

    • RASHIS BY PARSHAH - Click on this week's Parshah, weekly portion, read in the synagogue, and find links to Rashi comments on the weekly portion

    • Search engines: - Enter a verse and see the Bible, the Rashi comment, and our own explanation, or simply search by topic

    • MISCELLANEOUS - including a translation of the book of Job, short postings in email groups on topics in Jewish philosophy, collections or Rashi by topic - e.g. Grammar

    The uniqueness of our approach to Rashi is that we are:
    • Skill based: - each of our rules is a skill - e.g. grammatical conjugation, lining up two verses - which can be mastered by anyone and applied
    • Comprehensive: -We give 10 major rules and 30 subrules which cover each and every Rashi. We are committed to explaining all Rashis as reason based.
    • Intuitive: - Our rules are not ad-hoc explanations but intuitive rules, rules used throughout literature. They enable mastery and explanation by anybody and comprehension of any Rashi.

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All materials on this website are free to read and download. However the materials are copyrighted and we expect and we appreciate that you reference and mention our website.