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VERSE: Dt02-16a

RASHIS COVERED: Dt02-16a Dt11-07a Dt04-10a
                Nu32-36a Gn01-29a Gn27-28a
                Dt11-13a Dt01-31a Dt02-29b Dt02-29a

================= MULTI VERSE SENTENCES =========================

 The following table illustrates a rule of grammar on sentence
 formations. About a dozen examples are presented in this
 table where ONE SENTENCE consists of TWO OR MORE VERSES.

 The simplest example is Dt02-16a
 And when all the sinners finished dying God spoke to me

 This simple sentence consists of 2 verses!!
 Dt02-16 And when all the sinners finished dying
 Dt02-17 God spoke to me

 Rashi simply points out that the several verses form one

 Here is the LIST. A Brief synopsis of the one sentence is
 provided in the LIST. The MAIN footnotes then give the
 actual text while the LONGER FOOTNOTES give other references
 and further details.
======== == =====================================================
Dt02-16a *1 [It was] when they died..[then] God spoke to me
Dt11-07a *2 It is not your children who saw ..but rather you
Dt04-10a *3 Dont forget what you saw...how God revealed Himself
Nu32-36a *4 & The Gadites built Divon,Ataroth... :For grazing
Gn01-29a *5 I give vegies for food TO: YOU,ANIMALS,BIRD,INSECTS
Gn27-28a *6 Your scent is like a field:&So will God bless you
Dt11-13a *7 You will have rain..This will be when you do Mtzvt
Dt01-31a *8 ..God,redeemed you from Egypt &..took you thru Desert
Dt02-29b *9 Let me use your roads (& buy food,like Esauv sold me).

   Dt02-15 And when the sinners died
   Dt02-16 God spoke to me

   For further details see footnote *10

*2 We have here 6 verses forming one sentence.

   ---Dt10-02 And you should know today that it was not
   - your children who saw Gods rebuke, his greatness,
   - his big Hand and outstretched Arm,
   ---Dt10-03 his miracles, and great deeds that he did
   - to Egypt, and to Pharoh their king and, to his nation
   -----Dt10-04 AND THAT which He did to the Egyptian Army..
   -----Dt10-05 AND THAT which He did for you in the Desert
   -----Dt10-06 AND THAT which He did in the Korach rebellion
   -Dt10-07 RATHER it is you yourself which have seen
   these things

   For translation of the Hebrew KI as RATHER in Dt10-07
   and for treating the repeating keyword THAT like a
   foonote see footnote *11

  ---Dt04-09 Watch yourself  and watch your soul alot lest
  you forget the things you (yourself saw) and lest you
  forget your whole life; and you will tell them to
  your children and to your grandchildren --
  ---Dt04-10 the day that you stood before God your Lord
  in the desert when God said to me (Moses) gather
  the congregation and I will tell them my words(the
  decalogue/10 commandments) in order that they learn
  to revere me all the days which they are alive on the
  land; and they will also teach their children

  Nu32-34 The Gadites
  --Nu32-35-------------------------Atroth Shofan
  --Nu32-36-------------------------Bayth Nimrah
  ----------------------------------Bayth Haran
  -----------------------[built for] fortification & grazing

  For a further defense of this perspective see *12

    Gn01-29 And God said
    --------I(God) give
    ----------------To you
    -----------------------------------all seed bearing grass
    -----------------------------------& all fruit bearing trees
    ----------------To you to eat
    Gn01-30---------To animals
    ----------------To birds
    ----------------To living insects-
    -----------------------------------all grass

   Gn01-27 AND HE SAID: SEE:
   -----------------------My sons scent is like a field
   Gn01-28----------------& (so) will God give you[r fields]:
   ----------------------------from heavenly dew &
   ----------------------------from rich earth:
   ----------------------------abundant grain and wine

   Note the introductory phrase AND GOD SAID: SEE
   in verse Gn01-27: This gives credibility to this
   interpretation that everything is one long blessing

   For further elaboration see *13

   Dt01-30 & I(Moses) said: God will fight for you
   ------- the same way He did
   ---------------IN Egypt, in front of your sight
   Dt01-31--------& IN the Desert, which you saw
   ------- that God bore you like a parent does his child

   The keyword IN helps link the two verses together.

*8 --Dt11-10 For the land which you are coming to is not like
   Egypt where your agriculture depended on canals from the Nile
   --Dt11-11 The land you are coming to is mountainous...you
   obtain water from rain
   --Dt11-13 It is a land that God constantly watches; Gods Eyes
   are on it the whole year
   --Dt11-14 and this (obtaining rain) will happen when you
   listen to Gods commandments which I command you this day
   to love God and to serve him with all your heart and soul
   --Dt11-15 (It is only) THEN that God will give you rain in
   its season

   For other comments on these verses see footnote *14

   Dt02-26 ---And Moses requested from the Sichonites
   Dt02-27 -------------Allow me to use your roads
   Dt02-28 ---------------------allow me to buy food/water
   Dt02-29 ---------------------the way [Edom sold me food]
   ---------------------until I pass your land

   For further elaboration see footnote *15

-------------------- LONGER FOOTNOTES ----------------------

*10 There are two Rashis on these verses.
    Dt02-16a comments on the fact that the two verses form
    one sentence

    Dt02-17a comments on the fact that it uses the verb
    SPOKE vs CITE.

    We have only dealt with Dt02-16a in this posting. The
    other Rashi will be dealt with at another time.

*11 Take note of 2 items in our translation:

   First note how the repeating keyword THAT
   functions as a BULLET facilitating
   the reading of this long sentence.

   For a posting showing many examples of REPEATING
   KEYWORDS functioning as BULLETS see

   Also note that Rashi translated the Hebrew word KI in
   Dt10-07 as RATHER. In fact the Hebrew word KI has
   7 meanings.

   For the 7 meanings of KI see the posting

 The whole chapter Nu32-16:42 revolves around a deal
 that the Gadites made with Mosheh
 ---the Gadites would inherit the transjordan
 ---the Gadites would build cities for fortification/grazing
 ---the Gadite herds/children would remain in these cities
 ---the Gadites would fight for Israel with everyone else

 This 4 fold contract is repeated in the following verses
 * Nu32-16:19 Initial Offer by the Gadites
 * Nu32-20:24 Initial Acceptance by Moses
 * Nu32-25:27 Confirmation of deal by Gadites
 * Nu32-28:42 Confirmation of deal in presence of Elders

 So we see that our interpretation of Nu32-34:36 as referring
 to creation of fortifications/grazing is consistent with
 the whole chapter.

 Indeed, we can go further and break up Nu32-28:42 which deals
 with the finalizing of the deal as follows:

 Nu32-28:30 Moses says: The Gadites promised to fight for Israel
 Nu32-31:32 Gadites respond: We agree
 Nu32-33    Moses gives them the land they were promised
 Nu32-34:36 The Gadites build cities for their families/grazing

 In conclusion this Rashi is an excellent example of the
 neglected principle of OVERALL structure.

*13 We have interpreted the verses as follows

   Gn01-27 AND HE SAID: SEE:
   -----------------------My sons scent is like a field
   Gn01-28----------------& (so) will God give you[r fields]:
   ----------------------------from heavenly dew &
   ----------------------------from rich earth &
   ----------------------------abundant grain and wine

  Chazal see a cycle here:
  --First Jews behave nicely (They smell like fresh fields)
  --then God gives them fresh fields
  --and then they are well to do & they smell like fresh fields
  --and then God gives them fresh fields etc

  Note how this observation of cyclicity is not SOMETHING
  separate from the simple meaning of the text but rather
  is a LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE of the simple meaning. This is
  the true way to learn Midrash--the Midrash is ONE with
  the simple meaning of the text.

*14 NOTE: Dt10-13 does not begin IF you will listen then...
   Rather ot begins: AND THIS (The above) will happen
   WHEN you listen. It is the Hebrew word VHAYAH (and
   this will happen) which prompts Rashi to connect the

   Thus Dt10-12, Dt10-13, Dt10-14 form
   a GENERAL-PARTICULAR-GENERAL form stating that God
   gives rain WHEN you observe commandments; it is THEN
   that God gives rain.

   For further examples of the
   GENERAL PARTICULAR GENERAL Style, one of the 13 style
   rules of Rabbi Ishmael see

*15 The Sifsay Chachamim, a commentary on Rashi makes the
    following points
    --It explicitly says in Nu20-14 that Moses requested
      permission from Edom, THE BROTHER OF ISRAEL, to
      pass thru the land.

      & Edom is explicitly identified with Esauv the Brother
      of Jacob in Gn36-01

      Thus the Nu20 story links to the Dt02 story.

   --But it explicitly says in Nu20 that
     * the Jews offered to BUY food (Nu20-19)
     * the Jews also requested use of roads (Nu20-19)
     * Edom refused to allow ROAD USE(Nu20-20 & Nu20-21)

   --If we couple this with the statement here (Dt02-29)

   --then we conclude (based on the two sets of explicit
     verses) that
     * Edom did sell water & food
     * Edom did not allow Road use
   This uses the Rabbi Ishmael rule of resolving
   contradictory verses.

   We see that Rashi is also using the technique
   of OTHER VERSES. The two Rashis in Dt02-26:29 are
   based on the OTHER VERSES in Numbers 20 Here is how
   the Dt02 verses would read. Notice the alignment
   Dt02-26 ---And Moses requested from the Sichonites
   Dt02-27 -------------Allow me to use your roads
   Dt02-28 ---------------------allow me to buy food/water
   Dt02-29 ---------------------the way [Edom sold me food]
   ---------------------until I pass your land

   In conclusion Rashi(Dt02-29b) says that
   * Dt02-27 and Dt02-29 are linked
     Let me use your roads till I pass thru the land

   * Rashi (Dt02-29a) similarly says
     Dt02-28 and Dt02-29 are linked
     Allow me to buy food water like Edom sold me

   Rashi bases his interpretation
   on the OTHER VERSES and the

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Volume 11 Number 2

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Volume 11 Number 2