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In this issue we give a grand summary of the 3 dozen Rashis
on the word "ALL". This is the biggest group of Rashis to date.
Because of the size we presented 5 subsummaries

The reader should walk away from this group with

* a basic understanding of the 5 methods and
* a good knowledge of some clear examples.

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The word "ALL" means "EVERY CASE". This is used in 5
ways. We present each method below with a brief explanation
and a LIST of examples

        ----------------GRAND SUMMARY------------------

    In the following verses ALL includes even other groups

    Thus Gn06-12a says ALL flesh became corrupted during
    the flood era. Rashi says ALL flesh means not only
    people but even animals and birds were corrupt

======== ========================== ============================
Gn06-12a ALL FLESH became corrupted EVEN ANIMALS were corrupted
Gn07-14a ALL Winged creatures       EVEN Grasshoppers with wings
Lv11-42b ALL crawling on belly      EVEN Snails who crawl*1
Lv11-42c ALL walking on claws       EVEN beetles who crawl*2
Nu21-08b ANYONE Bitten was cured    EVEN Dogbites*3
Lv17-12a ALL shouldn't eat blood    EVEN Minors shouldn't eat*4
Lv19-02a Speak to ALL Jews          EVEN speak to MINORS*5
Nu18-09c ALL pure priests may eat   EVEN your wives may eat
Nu20-29b ALL mourned Aaron          EVEN women mourned*6

*1 Rashi gives examples: "CRAWLING ON BELLY" could refer to
   Thus the ALL includes even insects

*2 Rashi gives examples: "WALKING ON CLAWS" refers to the
   scoprion---"ALL WHO WALK ON CLAWS" refers to the BEETLES

*3 Rashi further FURTHER supports this with the alignment
  (The Torah is speaking about a plague of BITING SNAKES
  God told Moses to make a copper snake and those that look
  at it would live) Consider the alignment of the following

  Nu21-08 And ANYONE Bitten            will  SEE      it & live
  Nu21-09 And ANYONE Bitten by a snake would STARE at it & live
                                *1            *2

  Thus if a SNAKE bit them they had to STARE at it to live
  But if a  DOG   bit them they could just see it and live

  Finally, Rashi in the name of the Talmud explains why "looking"
  at a copper snake should cure---it symbolically referred to
  "looking upwards and praying"

*4 That is the adults should TRAIN minors not to eat blood

*5 This Rashi, besides being derived from the word ALL is further
   supported by an alignment of introductory verses

   Lv15-01 speak to     the              Jews
   Lv12-02 Speak to     the              Jews
   Lv19-02 Speak to ALL the community of Jews
                    *a         *b

   Thus there is an emphasis that the whole community should
   hear (even children)

*6 Again Rashi is supported by an alignment

        Dt34-08 the       children    of Israel mourned Moses
        Nu20-29 the whole house       of Israel Mourned Aaron
                     *a    *b

   The term HOUSE of ISRAEL is more
   directed to women and children

   In the following verses ALL includes EVEN border line cases

   Thus God said "I will smite ALL first born in Egypt"
   The word ALL includes even firstborn from other nations
   that however were in Egypt at the time of smiting

======== ========================== ============================
Lv24-14a ALL hearing the Blasphemy  Even the judges *1
Nu14-01a The WHOLE nation rebelled  EVEN the LEADERS *2
Lv14-09a Cut ALL hair               Even non-dense hair *3
Ex12-43b ALL foreigners             Even Jewish apostates *4
Dt20-11a ALL conquered willbe yours EVEN from other nations *5
Ex12-12b I'll smite all 1stborn     Even from other nations *5
Gn43-09b I'll owe you my WHOLE life EVEN in the next world
Dt13-01a Listen to ALL commandments EVEN the light ones

*1 ALL people (even judges who heard testimony) must stone
   the blasphemer

*2 ALL people cried at hearing the spies story (Even the

*3 Thru the GENERAL PARTICULAR GENERAL principle we learn
   that only dense-visible hair (like eyebrows) has to
   be shaved. This is learned by generalizing the examples
   in the verse ("head", "beard", "eyebrows")

   Thru the word "ALL" we learn that even non-dense or
   non-visible hair (like armpit hair or outer-arm-hair)
   should be shaved.

   Thus the two items--GENERAL-PARTICULAR-GENERAL and ALL
   teach us that ALL is shaved except NOSE-HAIR

*4 Neither foreigners nor Jewish Apostates can bring offerings

*5 Thus eg God smote the Firstborn of Egyptians and also the
   firstborn of other nations who were visiting Egypt

   In the following examples ALL means EVERYONE without exception

======== =================================================
Gn19-04b ALL people in Sedom gathered to rape
Gn33-11d I have EVERYTHING I need*1
Ex19-11c The WHOLE nation saw the prophecy(10 commandments)
Ex32-26b ALL Levites came(No one served the golden calf)
Dt01-01b Moses spoke to ALL Israel at his farewell address*2

*1 This was incorrectly translated in a previous posting

*2 Rashi points out the subtlety in this: People normally act
   macho--they would say "If I had been there to hear Moses I
   would have answered him". Therefore it says ALL Israel..
   Moses made sure "EVERYBODY" was there so that no one
   should claim that "I would have answered Moses".

   In the following verses ALL includes ALL PARTS

   For example Lv21-11b says don't defile to ANY dead body
   The word ANY includes a prohibition of a priest touching
   say a gallon of blood from a dead body(PART of a dead body)

======== ==========================    ==========================
Lv21-11b Don't defile on ANY dead      EVEN just body parts
Lv27-09a ANYthing Dedicated is holy    EVEN organs
Lv02-13b SALT all offerings            EVEN the organ parts
Lv06-11b ANYTHING touching willbe holy EVEN part of it*1
Ex12-20b Dont eat bread on Passover    EVEN a leaven mixture
Lv03-03a & Offer all fat               EVEN STOMACH fat
Lv04-07a Spill ALL blood               EVEN leftover droplets*2
Dt11-06a Earthquake in ALL of Israel   TREMORS at all locations
Lv11-33b ALL inside will be impure*3   EVEN if hanging in the air

*1 This law is beneficial--if the sacrifice touched other
   meat then ONLY THE PLACE WHERE IT TOUCHED has to be cut off
   (Only PART of it is holy)

   Rashi further learns that TOUCHING does not confer holiness
   unless there was ABSORPTION of the meat flavor (According
   to Malbim this is learned from order of words--this will
   be discussed in another posting)

*2 So you spill the blood out of the cup--then you vigorously
   shake it and spill the leftover droplets (hence ALL the blood
   is spilt)

*3 So eg if the dead organ fell into the cup then anything
   in the AIRSPACE of the cup becomes ritually impure EVEN
   if it is not touching the cup but eg suspended

   In legal terminology we say that (BEING) INSIDE is a
   VEHICLE for TRANSMISSION of impurity in earthenware cups

      ALL can precludes obvious exceptions

      For example Nu20-01a says the WHOLE nation came to ZTIN
      A previous verse Nu14-29 says adult males over 20 who
      accepted the slander of the spies died throughout the
      journey of the Jews in the wilderness.

      Therefore the statement "the WHOLE nation came to ZTIN"
      means that everyone who had to die had already died.

      This list does not appear simple but rather appears
      "Talmudic"--in each verse the challenge is to find what
      exceptions appear natural This requires knowledge of
      other verses

======== ==========================    ==========================
Ex35-22b Bzalel did all God told Moses Even if Moses forgot*1
Nu20-01a The WHOLE nation came to Tzn  Even adult men over 20*2
Nu18-09b Priests get ALL sacrifices    EVEN Peace offerings*3
Lv17-10a ALL eating blood will die*4   Even non sacrificial blood
Lv06-11a ALL male priests can eat it   Even blemished ones*5
Dt18-01a ALL priests will not inherit  EVEN blemished ones*6
Lv06-32b ALL sin offerings             EVEN Guilt Offerings*7
Dt14-11a ALL Kosher birds may be eaten EVEN sent-away leporbird*8
Ex12-47a ALL Jews offer the Passover   By Individual not family*9
Ex01-22a ALL children killed in river  EVEN Egyptian Children*10

*1 I would logically think that Bzalel couldn't do things that
   God told Moses but Moses forgot to tell Bzalel.

   Rashi brings a possible example--In Ex25 Moses orders the
   temple utensils to be built first and then the Tabernacle

   But in Ex36 and Ex37 Bzalel builds the Tabernacle first
   and then the temple.

   Logically Bzalel knew that you build the house first and
   then fill it with utensils

*2 Nu14-29 states that the adult males over 20 who listened to
   the spies slander of Israel died. However they had all
   died by the time they came to Tzin---hence the WHOLE
   community came (because they didn't bury anyone in the
   previous place)

*3 Nu18-09 lists 3 types of sacrifices that priests get.
   It does not list peace offerings. HEnce I need the word
   ALL to include it. This is further indicated in Lv06
   and Lv07-23.

*4 It says Lv17-11 that the reason blood is prohibited is
   because it is used to atone on the altar

   Hence it is logical to conclude that only sacrificial
   blood is forbidden but ordinary blood that can't be
   offered is permissable. Therefore the verse says ALL BLOOD
   to include this other blood.

*5,*6 It explicitly says (Lv22--21:22) that blemished priests
      may not offer sacrifices (But may eat them).

      Hence the word "ALL" includes even blemished priests--
      since they can't offer sacrifices I might think they
      DO inherit Israel--I might also think that they do
      not join the Priestly rotations (which offer and eat
      the sacrifices).

      Therefore the word ALL is used. They

      do join the priestly rotations,
      do not inherit Israeli land,
      do not offer sacrifices
      do eat them

*7 There are 3 opinions of what the word ALL includes.
   The best literary approach is to use Lv07-07
   "The sin offering is like the guilt offering"
   (Since both sin and guilt offerings deal with matters
   of sin) Thus the word "ALL sin offerings" includes
   even guilt all offerings.

   We used this Rashi to show Rashis literary style.
   See above

*8 Recall that most sacrifices are HOLY and cannot be eaten
   even if they are Kosher. Further recall that the Lepor
   was atoned by having a Kosher bird sent away and another
   one offered (Lv14-04:07). I might think that this
   sent-away-Lepor bird is like any other sacrificial object
   and prohibited from eating. Therefore Dt14-11 says
   "ALL Kosher birds..." may be eaten--even the Kosher lepor

*9  The first passover offering has one lamb PER family(Ex12-03)
    Hence I might think that future passover offerings are
    PER family. Therefore when Ex12-16 says "The WHOLE community
    must offer it" it means EVERY individual

*10 Added Dec 27, 2001. This verse discusses how Pharoh
    decreed death on all children.

    The Bible explicitly says that Egypt was run by
    magicians and stargazers (Ex07-11, Ex08-15). It
    therefore seems reasonable that they told Pharoh that
    they were told my magic that a savior was born to the Jews
    Since Pharoh didnt know if the savior was Egyptian or Jewish
    Pharoh ordered ALL children -- EVEN Egyptian children --
    killed by drowning.

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